About Aperto    

Aperto, in a few words-art space, associative gallery
Since 1997, Aperto has given contemporary art exhibitions, participated in artistic events and has promoted creation among young artists.
Its vocation is to be a space for research, production and exhibition, open to artists, to participate in the richness and cultural diversity of the area by presenting works of art and artistic propositions worldwide. It is an artistic space open to all public.
Each year Aperto presents a planning of 5 or 6 exhibitions with different characteristics : group or monographic exhibitions organized by Aperto or young administrators / time of research an experiment : the 48 hours, the buzz / in situ events taking place on public space : the “facades”.

In addition to these actions, the associative gallery participates in fairs and events outside its promises.
For more than 10 years, more than 80 artists have been able to produce works, fulfil their projects, and participate in collective events on specific topics.
In line with its activities, Aperto has developed since 2003 a publishing activity. These publications present exhibition issues, give an account of events and are for a few reference books on specific questions as ISBN, book on an artist and after in 2008, … These publications are available in bookstores and also can be found in schools of fine arts (Rennes, Aix en Provence, Nîmes, Montpellier) and places of distributions as Zédélé editions in Brest or Philippe Pannetier Gallery in Nîmes etc